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Transform your M1060 headphones without compromising on its outstanding sound quality.



A kit consisting of three parts: back plate, front plate and 10 antique brass screws.


The back plate is pre-assembled with an aluminium mesh and wrapped with a compressed acoustic cloth. Simply decorate/paint/wrap/veneer the front plate and attach it to the back plate with glue (detailed instructions will be provided).


Note: The exotic veneers used in the Commissioned option are not supplied with the DIY Kit.


Dispatched within 3 days of order confirmation


Commissioned: Limited run [SOLD OUT]

The grills are assembled, veneered with American walnut burr and Zebrano, coated with orange oil, and finished with the relevant prints. A custom print is also included along with 10 antique brass screws.


Manufacturing lead time: 3-5 days

The manufacturing process consists of:

- Preparation of veneers = 48hrs (flattened and oiled)

- Printing the veneers = 12hrs (includes drying time)

- Assembly of parts = 24hrs (includes glue drying time)

- Quality check and testing = 24hrs

M1060 Mod Open Grills: DIY Kit / Commissioned

  • Europe: 5-10 days [$15]

    North America: 5-10 days [$20]

    Asia: 10-15 days [$20]

    Oceania: 10-15 days [$20]

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